Nano Technology
Nanosilk System is leading the global market in the on-going research and development of unique and innovative formulas. Inspired by nature, our revolutionary patented technology is enhanced with biomimetic ingredients that emulate natural hair process.
Our Laboratory has created a unique micro size-molecular formula based on particles so minute that millions of particles can be gathered onto the tip of a pin. A micro-molecule is so small it allows the penetration of the smallest hair follicles to activate the inner hair tissue and infuse them with a combination of the finest ingredients as well as the wellbeing components of each of our series.

A boost of this nature results in an incomparable feeling of hair protection – the hair is provided a shield against humidity and other harmful environmental toxins and influences. The Nanosilk Treatment is enhanced with hand-selected vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and essential oils providing comprehensive care, protection, nourishment and anti-aging actions. It also results in an incomparable feeling of hair perfection – healthy, strong, shiny, silky and smooth hair.
Our product line has been adapted to suit the needs of the clients' hair type. Be it dry, weak, coloured or natural hair, each product has been created with the specific purpose to stimulate, strengthen, replenish, restore and repair hair and hair fibres, by activating the inner hair tissue, lasting from 12-16 weeks.
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